What is the coldest month in Houston?

Although temperatures in Houston plummeted to just 5F in both 1930 and 1940, the average winter temperature is a comfortable 54F, with just 18 days per year dipping below freezing. If you’re looking for the coldest weather in Texas, Houston is probably not where you’re going to find it.

Houston is not the place to be if you’re more of a winter person. Houston winter occurs on a Tuesday morning in January. Houston gets hot. In August, the average low temperature is 76 degrees Fahrenheit (24.4 C) and the average high is 93 degrees.

 · Setting your thermostat during the winter When you’re awake and at home during the colder months of the year, your furnace will keep you comfortably warm at about 68 degrees. Just as during the summer, you can save money on your heating.

Houston humidity at its finest.  [Vlog #72] Plano, IL Weather Forecast & Monthly Average Temperatures – The highest monthly average temperature in Plano for July is 73 degrees. The lowest monthly average temperature in Plano for January is 23 degrees. The most monthly precipitation in Plano occurs in June with 4.5 inches. The air quality index in Plano is 97% better than the national average.

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High temperatures in Houston will be in the low 90s after a cold front pushed through Southeast Texas on Sunday, June 9, 2019. high temperatures in Houston will be in the low 90s after a cold front.

Houston residents will have to endure a bit more cold weather before walking out of the house in short sleeves again. The forecast for the Houston area shows temperatures dropping to the mid-30s.

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With January and February traditionally bringing the coldest temperatures of the year, Christmas day tends to be relatively mild in much of the country. In fact, the much-heralded white Christmas is little more than a pipe dream for the vast majority of the continental U.S.